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Art-Deco discovery


From 2015, other mosaic workshops on the art-deco style will take place in the new Stuc & Mosaic’s studio in Nice.


From the 27th February 2014 till the 31st October 2014: an EXHIBITION, a GUIDED TOUR and an exclusive INTRODUCTION to the 1930′s MOSAIC!!!


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Art Deco style mosaic retrospective in Nice

Retrospective Art-Deco en mosaique


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Noteworthy architecture in Nice

Construction 'la Rotonde' in Nice (French Riviera)


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1930s Isidore Odorico’s mosaic style

Initiation à la mosaique de style Art-Deco à Nice


The exhibition (open to the public) presents mosaics inspired by the Art-Deco style of Isidore Odorico, some photos of constructions’ ornamentations in the Musicians district and a documentary about the mosaïc in the 30s.

Learn more on the exhibition…

Come and discover the Art Deco mosaic style and exclusive listed historical monuments in Nice! 

Splendid Hotel & Spa à Nice

50 boulevard Victor Hugo à Nice (06000)

27th February 2014 to 31st October 2014


A percentage of the REVENUE generated by the EXHIBITION and WORKSHOPS will be donated to the NGO Aequalia. This humanitarian organisation campaigns for clean drinking water and hygiene for anyone in the world.

ONG AequaliaJust as Nikola Karabatic, join their commitment and support their actions on Facebook Aequalia

GUIDED TOUR in the Musicians district, in Nice.

Discovery of the mosaic artist profession, illustrated by an itinerary around Art Deco mosaic ornamentation in Nice’s architecture, in the Musicians district:

mosaic artists in Nice in the 1900s

Avon freres, decoration and mosaics, 11 avenue Pauliani in Nice (1900-1910).

A unique historical heritage to be discovered in Nice!

Isidore Odorico, 1930s mosaic artist


Isidore Odorico is a famous mosaic artist in the 1930s.

Read more on Isidore Odorico


In between 1870 and 1920, a genuin enthusiasm for mosaic artwork develops and mosaic is applied on numerous buildings as ceramic, coloured stones, marble ornamental tiling or even smalts, glass mosaics, ceramic wall-covering. Indoors or Outdoors, mosaic is, at that time, prevailing in various period architectures. Later on, it will also be admired in international exhibitions as unique piece.

The ‘Odorico’ mosaic represents an artistic renewal, a mosaic style reference in the 1930′s period.

Originally, the Odorico brothers (mosaic artists, native of the Friuli in Italy) exiled themselves to Rennes (in France) to avoid the economic crisis in Italy. Mosaic artworks became a family tradition and its reputation became international. Following the technical improvements and industrial innovations of that period, especially in the materials (creation of industrial mosaic tiles, hydraulic cement…etc), the Odorico family develops a unique style of mosaic. The ‘Odorico’ mosaic will be celebrated at the International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts, in 1925.

Isidore OdoricoThe family business will be flourishing until the war and it will be taken over by the son: Isidore Odorico. Isidore studied Fine Arts and will develop not only the conception of an artistic style but also its hand-crafted transcription. He will be noticed for his unique ‘savoir-faire’ and the Isidore Odorico’s business will leave behind a rich mosaic Heritage. In the days after the 1st world war, the period is prosperous and the mosaic covers numerous cities with its vivid colours, from the North to the South of France.

Very eclectic, the Odorico style adapts the industrial mosaic to suit luxurious realisations and also humble ones. Indeed, the mass produced materials (less expensive than those used for traditional mosaic artworks -like smalts-) is compatible with apartment buildings, shops, pavements, swimming pools or bathrooms….

The Art-Deco mosaic in Nice:

After the Belle Epoque, construction experiments in the roaring twenties, one of the most flourishing period and Nice benefits from a strong high-end property market development, inspired by the various architectural trends of that period including the Art-Deco style.


INTRODUCTION to the ART-DECO MOSAIC, inspired by the famous mosaic artist ‘Odorico’.

Highly ornamental, Odorico’s mosaics distinguish themselves by geometrical shapes and sparkling colours.
odorico mosaics


Learn more about this decorative Art from the 30′s.

Splendid Hotel & Spa in Nice



The 1930s mosaic workshops will take place at the SPLENDID HOTEL & SPA, in Nice.


For the passionnate of the 1930s period: see the exhibition in Paris: ’1925, quand l’Art Déco séduit le monde’, at the ‘Cité de L’Architecture et du Patrimoine’: from 16th October 2013 to 3rd Mach 2014. Insight in video here-after.

1925, quand l’Art Déco séduit le monde par Cite-architecture


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