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Art-Deco style mosaic exhibition

Noteworthy Art Deco mosaics & architectures (06)

Made at the Stuc & Mosaic’s studio, the exhibition (open to the public) revisits the style of the 1930s mosaics made noteworthy by the famous 1930s mosaic artist: Isidore Odorico. It also presents some photos of ornamentations on constructions (with Art Deco style mosaics) built by the architects Georges Dikansky and René Livieri in the region. An introduction to an often-unknown heritage of the Arts applied to the Architecture in the XX th Century!

Art Deco style mosaics exhibition in the French Riviera

Revisited Art-Deco style for ornamental mosaics: looking for a retro touch for your interior or Business environnement?


Art deco exhibition at the Splendid Hotel & Spa in Nice

THE EXHIBITION will take place at the :
50 boulevard Victor Hugo, 06000 Nice

27th February 2014 to 31st October 2014.

Will follow some guided tours in the Musicians district and Art-Deco mosaic style workshops. Learn more…


Aequalia, non profit organisation

A percentage of the REVENUE GENERATED by the EXHIBITION and the MOSAIC WORKSHOPS will be donated to the NGO Aequalia. This humanitarian organisation fights for the supply of clean drinking water for everyone in the world.

Just as Nikola Karabatic, support their commitment and follow their actions on the page Facebook Aequalia.


An Art Deco mosaic will be drawn at the end of the exhibition (the winner will have to withdraw the mosaic at the hotel or it may be shipped at the winner expenses).

Art deco buildings embellished with 1930s mosaics on the French Riviera

Why such an enthusiasm for mosaic artworks in the 1930s?

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The early 1900s and the roaring twenties have been a period of prolific collaboration between architects and craftworkers in the Decoration field. The art deco trend rehabilitated the Minor Arts, with the development of wood, metal, ceramics as well as marble, exotic wood and glass. Whenever a lasting and attractive floor covering was required, mass-produced mosaic (which was a new permanent, colourful and inexpensive material) was employed.

In that context, the ‘Odorico’ mosaic style represented a total artistic renewal (read the article on Isidore Odorico).

Balconies of the Anjou hotel in Angers, decorated by Isidore Odorico

Photo of the balconies of the Anjou hotel in Angers, decorated by the brothers Odorico.

Descended from the Italian diaspora and of a family tradition of mosaic craftsmen, the mosaic artist Isidore Odorico created a style entirely new and different from the Venitian or Roman tradition. This style spread throughout France, including on the Cote d’Azur.

Besides the proliferation of stoneware tiles and mass-produced mosaic manufactures in France, which responded to new building trade requirements, other mosaic artists and ceramists made themselves known at the 1925 International art, crafts, and industry exhibition in Paris. They worked in close collaboration with the most noteworthy architects of that period.

'la Rotonde', listed historical monument in Nice

Photo of ‘la Rotonde’: built in 1929, in Nice and listed historical monument.

In Nice, the roaring twenties are characterized by a period of abundant architectural creativity and some constructions will benefit directly from the consequences of the 1925 exhibition. This is the case of ‘La Rotonde’: one of the most famous realizations of the architect Dikansky (known as an enthusiastic representative of the Art Deco and Classicisme styles). This construction is ornated with a rich and colourful floral mosaic ornamentation with typical 1930s geometrical lines. The mosaics are present accross all the perimeter of this semi-circular building.

mosaic glass artwork at the Gloria Mansions, in NiceAnother example is the ‘Gloria Mansions‘: a construction made by the architect Hovnanian, symbol of a luxurious modern architecture, influenced both by the Decorative Arts School and by a modern american conception (as a recall to the 1930s new-york-style appartement-hotel).

This building presents a magnificient colourful glasswork, created by a glassmaker (Lasalle) according to the drawing of a famous period armenian painter (Mahokian). The design is original and sophisticated and the mosaic represents a landscape (pointillism style) just as real artistic artwork applied to the architecture.

mosaics artwork at the Gloria Mansions (Art deco architecture on the French Riviera)



Other outdoor mosaics representing also a landscape and a more characteristic geometric shape, decorate a pergola in the interior courtyard of the building.

The ‘Gloria Mansions’: one of the art deco masterpieces in Nice, listed historical monument, currently benefits from a majestic restoration since 2012.


Enhance the historical and architectural value of a sober 1930s construction with an Art Deco mosaic!

You own an Art-Deco period Villa, Residence or Business and you would like to highlight that historical heritage with a decorative mosaic artwork (doorstep, logo, residence entrance …etc)?

mosaic quoteThe workshop STUC & MOSAIC proposes the creation of custom-made Art Deco mosaics: see previous projects here and there and benefit from a discount on all new decorative project concluded during the exhibition period (this proposal does not include any renovations).

As a simple decoration, order a tailor-made Art Deco mosaic style!

Note that, for companies, any purely artistic creation is deductible from taxes (learn more …).

Alongside the exhibition will follow GUIDED TOURS in the neighborhood Nice Musicians district and MOSAIC ART-DECO STYLE WORKSHOPS at the SPLENDID HOTEL & SPA.


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Discovery of noteworthy
architecture in Nice

Building 'la Rotonde' in Nice


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the 1930s mosaic style of
Isidore Odorico

Art-Deco mosaic workshops in Nice